Credits and thanks!

SOS Credits 

Directed by Mark Anton Read and Jules Cazedessus

Song and lyrics by Jules Cazedessus

Music by  Jules Cazedessus, Mark Stewart, John Guth, Aaron Gilmartin and Chris Marquardt

Performed by Jules Cazedessus

Director of Photography: Mark Anton Read

Visual Effects: Mark Anton Read

Colorist: Mark Anton Read

Costume by Louda Larrain

Music Produced by Brandon Mason

Musicians: Leo Sidran~ Melodica, Rhodes, Chamberlain organ, electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, drums and percussion; Alexis Cuadrado~ bass; and John Guth~guitar

Music Mixed by Brandon Mason and Joel Iwataki

Video Edited by Rina Svet

Intro sound design by Mark Anton Read

Make-up consultant: Sandrine Van Slee

Assistant Cameraman Diego Lomelin

Gaffers Mike Malandra, Katie

Logo design by Greg Wittrock

Website wrangler and original SOS flame tender: Todd Drake

Heartfelt Thanks….
So many dear Earthlings made SOS possible. My deepest thanks to Mark Anton Read,  Gabrielle Roth, Julie Taymor, Elliot Goldenthal, Mark Stewart, Brandon Mason, Joel Iwataki, Todd Drake, John Guth, Aaron Gilmartin, Chris Marquardt, Peter Morrow, Obie Obrian and the staff of Manhattan Center, Allan Ballain, Tony Jay, Debranne Treu and Jarred Land, Chris Healer, Federico Pignatelli and Pier59 Studios, Pamela Kraft, Kathleen Doyle-White, Eban Goodstein, Douglas Drummond, Jean Paul Cazedessus…and all the lovers of our precious planet helping to awaken a Heaven on Earth.

All footage shot by Mark Anton Read except: “A glacier calves into the ocean” Ray “Breaking Ocean Wave”










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